joe posada

Multi Grammy Winning Artist

About Joe Posada

A native of San Antonio, Texas…

As one of Tejano Music’s most celebrated recording artists, Joe Posada is widely renowned by music lovers for having combined the sounds of Jazz and Tejano, thus creating a unique melodic fuse that has been found both intriguing and real by audiences.

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Grammy winning versatile and dynamic Latin artist with multiple musical talents ranging from saxophonist, pianist, accordionist, song writer, composer, arranger, and exceptional vocal talents.

“In addition to being one of Tejano’s greatest sax players, Joe Posada is the most skillful composer to fuse Jazz and Tejano.”

– Douglas Shannon –

“Mr. Joe Posada is a musician’s musician. He has fine chops to play not only Tejano, but Jazz with Latin influences.”

– –

“Showing us that his music is indeed timeless, Posada proves that he continues as a ‘living legend’ in La Onda Chicano/Tejana.”

– Tacho Medellin
Dos Centavos –

“Posada happily married Tejano and Jazz on his creative tour de force, running circles around his peers with cord progressions rarely heard in the genre. Even better, the melodies don’t suffer at all and are among his catchiest ever.”

– Douglas Shannon / All Music –

“Saxophonist/flutist Joe Posada works in Jazz and Tejano and has no problem bringing both worlds together.”

– Hector Saldaña / MySA –

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